NYS AAUP Conference Spring 2017 Program

Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Organizing – Joshua Guy Lenes

Joshua Guy Lenes

Joshua Guy Lenes is a Lead Organizer – Campaign Specialist with the AAUP National Staff.   Since joining the staff in 2015, Josh has worked with AAUP chapters and state conferences to build membership and increase their capacity for organizing.  As the campaign specialist for the AAUP national office, he has extensive experience working with members and leaders to create comprehensive organizing and campaign plans and he specializes in building and deploying sophisticated databases and modern web, and social media campaign tools to support organizing campaigns.

Before joining the staff of the AAUP, he worked as an organizer with faculty at the University of Central Florida, and he also worked with K–12 teachers in the Florida Education Association.  He has a broad range of experience organizing with faculty, graduate students, and public school teachers in challenging “Right-to-Work” contexts, and believes in the power of building strong, democratic, internal structures to drive organizing and membership.

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