NYS AAUP Chapter Service Program

New York State Conference of American Association of University Professors

What is the Chapter Service Program?

The NYS Conference Chapter Service program is intended to strengthen campus chapters. A strong local faculty advocacy organization is the best means to : 

  • Organize and empower faculty governance bodies
  • Provide specific services to faculty members
  • Protect, sustain, and advance the principles and standards of the academic profession.

Why is it necessary?

The local campus chapter of AAUP is the front line for the defense, sustenance, and enhancement of faculty interests. The better organized and developed the local chapter, the better faculty interests will be served. The NYS Conference has many years of experience in assisting campus chapters in developing and maint aining their local programs. In conjunction with the Assembly of State Conferences of AAUP, we are now able to offer a greater array of support services to local chapters. These services are available to any organized chapter, faculty members who wish to form a chapter on their campus, or professors who need information about the AAUP and what it does. 

What does the Chapter Service Program provide?

  • Academic Freedom and Tenure Services:
    • Assistance and advice on individual cases.
    • Consultation and training for chapter leaders in academic due process.
    • Providing observers for grievance and disciplinary hearings.
    • Referral to NYS attorneys with experience in higher education legal issues.
    • Access to the Conference Legal Defense Fund.
  • Campus Governance Services:
    • Analysis and advice on the revision of campus governance documents.
    • Consultation and assistance on "assessment" requirements.
    • Comprehensive review of faculty handbooks and institutional regulations.
    • Assistance in developing strategies to strengthen faculty governance.
    • Consultation on the evaluation of academic administrators.
  • Institutional Budget and Financial Analysis Services:
    • Consultation and assistance in the effective use of budget and financial data.
    • Assistance and consultation in the publication of faculty and administrator's salaries.
    • Comprehensive analysis of college and university finances.
    • Analysis of administrative "bloat" and the comparison of administrative expenses with peer institutions.
    • Comparison of faculty salaries with peer institutions.
    • Analysis and assistance in the design and evaluation of employee benefit plans.
    • Assistance in the evaluation of equity in salary distribution.
  • Media Relations Services:
    • Assistance and consultation in the development and production of chapter newsletters.
    • Assistance in developing media relations campaigns.
    • Consultation in dealing with the press.
    • The development and production of chapter radio announcements.
    • Assistance in contacting newspaper, radio, and television reporters who cover higher education.
    • Chapter Organization and Program Development Services:
    • Workshops on chapter membership development.
    • Assistance in chapter leadership training.
    • Assistance in providing expert speakers on current issues in higher education.

For additional information contact:

Tom Policano (tpolicano@nysaaup.org
NYS AAUP Conference Executive Director 
PO Box 20047
Rochester, NY 14602
585.424.2772 Fax